Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 Chargers Super Bowl

The San Diego Chargers will win the Super Bowl this season. Skeptical Charger fans who've been burned too many times for believing in recent years and most of the national media underestimate this team. I'll break down all the positions and parts of the team in future posts, but here's why the Chargers will win it all this year:
  • LaDanian Tomlinson is not done. He will bounce back from injuries and have Walter Peyton-like seasons this year and next.
  • Phillip Rivers is better than people think and getting even better. He will force everyone to realize he's on his way to the Hall this season.
  • Ron Rivera is a talented and innovative defensive coordinator who now has full control of this defense now back at full strength and then some with Shawne Merriman back and Larry English added.

Check on future posts for more detailed analysis.

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  1. Ok, let's see what you have to say! It's hard to temper expectations with so much good news coming out of camp...