Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chargers vs. Redskins

This game only matters for the Chargers in the sense that they play the fine line between keeping the starters fresh, avoiding injury, and resting those that are already injured. In general, the sense of timing is more important for the offense, both the line and passing game than the defense. I would expect Rivers, Gates, LT, Vincent Jackson, Sproles, and the starting offensive line all to stay in for the first half, showing the sharpness of execution they've maintained over the course of this winning streak.

On the defensive side, anyone who is even a little banged up should sit. This should include Merriman, Phillips, Jammer, Bennett and any of the defensive tackles in the rotation that need rest.

Washington is a flawed team, but they have a good defense and may be motivated to finish on a winning note. This might be their Super Bowl.

Even with the second string for the Chargers in for much of the game, if the Chargers come out sharp, they should win this game. This game means nothing playoff-wise, but I think losing would put a bad taste in everyone's mouth, incrementally slowing the steamroller of momentum built up over the last ten weeks. The Chargers already have enough of a momentum challenge in dealing with the bye week, a loss would just add to that.

This game may come down how sharp Billy Volek is in the second half. Unless the Chargers are already blowing out the Redskins, look for Norv to open up the playbook a bit for Volek, giving him the chance to show what he can do in the down field passing game. I predict the strong running of Mike Tolbert and a few key big plays to third-string tight end Kris Wilson will be the difference in this one.

Chargers 27, Redskins 17

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