Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Norv Haters Relax!

Yes, the Chargers have lost a game they could have won and looked less than great in both match ups this season. They seemed timid versus the Raiders and didn't stand up to the Ravens until the second half.

However, Norv didn't smash LT and Nick Hardwicks' ankles, Louis Vasquez's knee, nor did he rip up Jamal Williams' triceps. Norv actually had a strong offensive game plan for attacking one of the league's best defenses as San Diego moved the ball up and down the field. Some stupid delay of game penalties and pressure up the soft middle manned by backups actually caused the greatest problems in the red zone.

The Chargers' last offensive play call was not the best call despite the UT's Sullivan's rambling defense about tendencies and all the studies the staff does before the game. During the game it's still a chess match and Norv made the wrong move that time.

More important for the entire season than one bad call was the way the heavily depleted offense gained yardage in chunks and how a defense without it's most important piece stood up to the Ravens in the second half. It's important to note that many "experts" have the Ravens currently ranked 2nd in the league in their power rankings behind the New York Giants.

In many ways, the offense looks much better and more polished than it did at the start of last season. I'd like to see more use of Michael Bennett this week (Turner said he thought Bennett should be used more). It just seems wrong to ask Darren Sproles to return a kickoff then come right in and take a hand off up the middle on first down.

This team still has a lot of confidence and fight in it. Norv has something to do with it. San Diego should and will stick with Norv Turner and see what happens. I think this season still has a good chance to be special.


  1. Can anyone pass along Shanahan's cell number to AJ?

  2. Shanahan is a good coach, but the problem is his ego. I don't think he could coexist with a strong GM and the Denver experience shows he was incapable of doing both. Thanks for the comment!

  3. shanahan would be nice, but how about bill cowher eh?

  4. I'll take Shanahan and give you AJ and Norv for your pop warner team