Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dominating Character Win

The Chargers proved they are once again the class of the AFC West. Through the ebb and flow of the game, San Diego remained calm and confident while the Broncos' Chris Simms, then Kyle Orton and coach Josh McDaniels had that hollow look of defeat, and Brandon Marshall's front running personality melted down, starting a fight with rookie running back Knowshon Moreno and berating his various quarterbacks.

Instead of fumbling on the goal line, LT stretched out for the score. While the Broncos jumped off sides (at home!) San Diego professionally went about the business of winning. The Broncos' coach and players remind one of a college team, more vulnerable to the ebb and flow of emotion throughout a season or a game. When they are up and everything is going their way, they are way up. When the tide turns against them and the magic falters, they fall apart. The Chargers looked like men amongst boys today.

Though the Charger defense looked porous at times, tightening up mostly around the red zone, and the offense failed to punch it in several times, it seemed the Chargers knew they were the better team. Part of the weakness on defense and offense seemed to come from a conservative play calling from Norv and Ron Rivera, disinclined to take chances once they had the upper hand today.

The Broncos just don't have the personnel to compete with the Chargers. Until the franchise rids itself of the talented yet cancerous Brandon Marshall, they will struggle in this front running fashion.

San Diego will go on to handily win the AFC West and can now focus on favorably positioning themselves for the playoffs. The losses of both Cincinnati and Pittsburgh today helps them in their cause. If they can take care of business the next two weeks against the weaker Chiefs and Browns, the League will once again be looking west at the Chargers as Super Bowl contenders.

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