Monday, November 9, 2009

Turning Point

Philip Rivers did step up in the clutch last night and pull off a drive that just might have changed the course of this team's history. San Diego's confidence just took a monumental boost from this game. I can't help but feel this win was absolutely huge for some of the younger and newer guys on this team who might not quite have understood or really believed they could compete with the better teams in the NFL.

From this point forward, San Diego knows it can compete with anyone. With that extra bit of confidence and swagger, the Chargers can make it to the playoffs and be successful this season.

The running game is still horrible, but the passing game and pass blocking is among the best in the league. The defense is starting to make plays. Shawne Merriman is again becoming a force. Eric Weddle made a few great plays against the run and the pass last night. Brandon Siler played well enough to keep the Chargers in the game.

Had the Chargers lost? They would be sitting at 4-4 with low confidence and the Eagles coming into town and no one giving them a chance to win. Now? Philadelphia is much more nervous about this game and they should be. The Chargers and Rivers will come out roaring in this home game, riding that wave of confidence and momentum. If they can beat Philly, the wave will only grow.

San Diego still needs to figure how to run the ball or they will lose games they shouldn't. Nick Hardwick may be back in a week or two, then it will take another two weeks for him and the other guys and LT to get in sync. Hopefully Rivers and the passing game can hold it together until then.

In the playoff atmosphere last night, the soul of this team responded. In a season that had fans wondering if this was the end of era, something stirred. Norv even looked excited after this one. Go Bolts!

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