Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here We Go Again

Once again, last week the Chargers proved they could beat a horrible team at home. The best news out of Cardinals game was that the special teams seemed truly improved with some starters and new players added into the mix. The running game also looked great, but we'll have to see if they can do it again this week.

Today, just like two weeks ago, the game is more about the Chargers against themselves than about the Raiders. Can the young guys go on the road in a hostile environment and play at a high level? The Raiders are wounded and starting back-ups all over the place. The Chargers are obviously the better team. Can they play like it?

Despite all the injuries, Oakland's offense is improved. The Gradkowski to Zach Miller connection is very effective, and Michael Bush at running back can catch the short pass and find the hole in the defense. The Raiders will be competent enough to move the ball and beat the Chargers IF San Diego turns the ball over and plays horribly again on special teams.

I think have solved the worst of their special teams issues, and just by dumb luck they're due not to have more stupid turnovers this week. The Raiders are a little more confident this year, but also a little desperate to not let another season slip away so early.

This could be a close one, but San Diego will pull it out.

Chargers 31, Raiders 24

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