Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lights Out for Good

The Chargers didn't listen to my call to fire Steve Crosby, but correctly decided they could no longer carry Shawne Merriman yesterday. His injury problems were just too consistent to wait any longer this season with the team's needs at linebacker and on special teams.

Merriman may have a future in the NFL, but it doesn't appear he will be ready to play at a high level this season. His first three years were fantastic in San Diego, but when the "dietary supplements" went away and after he was the victim of a devastating direct attack by the Tennessee Titans three years ago, he simply has not been able to return to form or stay healthy.

Without a vague hope of Merriman coming back, the team now must look to other player to provide leadership. Just saying this is "Rivers' team," is not sufficient. Great teams need several leaders. After the three horrible losses so far this season, that should be obvious to Charger fans.

Maybe this kid is now crying over losing Light's Out...

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